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Famous Spicy Latinas, Sofia Vergara posing for Vanity Fair.
The Portrayal of Latinas in the TV Industry
Gabby Colocho and Sophia Cortez January 27, 2022

For a long time, Latinas have been portrayed as “exotic,” “angry,” or “crazy.” All over the media, Latinas are seen wearing skin-tight...

People stormed the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021.
Is the US on a road to collapsing?
Gabby Colocho January 18, 2022

As we look back at the events of the past few years, we realize that the USA has become a place we no longer recognize. For some, it has completely...

Muslims, especially women, are often misportrayed in western media as people who arent happy with their religious identity.
Representation of Muslim Women in Western Media
Bushra Syed January 18, 2022

For as long as time, women have been marginalized and misportrayed in all sorts of media. From books and magazines to television shows and movies,...

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Word on the Street: Episode 2
Word on the Street: Episode 2
December 10, 2021

Episode 2 Do you agree or disagree with the 50% grade floor?  

Word on the Street:  Episode 1
Word on the Street: Episode 1
October 28, 2021

Episode 1:  Freshman Edition What are you doing for Halloween?

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Protestors rally in favor of action on student loan debt that would alleviate their financial situations.
California Program to Provide $10,000 for College Students
Luis Ortiz January 27, 2022

On January 17, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the expansion of a statewide economic program that will provide approximately $10,000 to college students in exchange for a year's worth of volunteer...

Justice Breyer will retire, allowing Biden to choose the next Justice.
Justice Breyer's Retirement
Avery Ngo January 26, 2022

Justice Stephen G. Breyer, the court’s oldest member at age 83, will retire after serving 27 years...

The surgeons check up on David Bennett after his heart transplant at Maryland medical center. (Image courtesy of USA Today)
First Ever Pig Transplant Into A Human
Geovany Deniz, Staff Writer • January 20, 2022

David Bennet, a 57-year-old man, is the first person in the world to have received a heart transplant...

The star of Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Betty White passes away at the age of 99, just three weeks short of her centennial birthday.
Betty White, The True ‘Golden Girl,’ Passes Away at 99
Melanie Vargas, Staff Writer • January 19, 2022

Betty White, a famous actress who created some of the most unforgettable sitcom characters in history...

Netflix releases the Emily In Paris Season 2 cover. (Image courtesy of IMDb)
Emily in Paris Season 2 Review
Jacklyne Rivera January 18, 2022

The Netflix show Emily in Paris season 2 premiered on December 22, 2021. Fans were very excited for the new season to air on Netflix because of how good the first season was. The show's main character...

Travis Scott’s Concert Accident
Travis Scott’s Concert Accident
Jacklyne Rivera and Rodrigo Rivera November 18, 2021

On November 5th and 6th, Rapper Travis Scott hosted a music festival called Astroworld in Houston Texas....

Amybeth McNulty stars as 13 year old Anne Shirley in the Netflix/CBC series Anne With An E. (Image courtesy of Cheri A. Von Schnauzer via Flickr)
"Anne With An E" Review
Bushra Syed November 3, 2021

“If all the world hated you and believed you wicked, but your own conscience approved you and absolved...

Adeles Easy on Me blasts as Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. (Image courtesy of Melanie)
Adele’s “Easy on Me” Breaks Music Chart Records
Melanie Vargas November 1, 2021

Adele didn’t go easy on the charts; the singer-songwriter released her new lead single off of her upcoming...

The Segerstrom football team puts the jaguar up for the CIF game. (Image courtesy of Alondra Cifuentes)
Football Teams Disqualified by CIF
Alondra Cifuentes November 18, 2021

Since the start of the 2021-2022 school year, the government has greatly encouraged getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This has included Biden’s vaccine mandate, which requires businesses to ensure their...

The wrestling team is doing homework to keep their academic grades up for season. (Image courtesy of Kaylie Amaya)
Real Talk with Segerstrom’s Wrestling Team
Kaylie Amaya October 4, 2021

On any given day, during 6th period at Segerstrom High, if you were to walk inside the wrestling room, you would see the wrestling team putting...

Andrea Ortiz: Senior Cheer Captain
Andrea Ortiz: Senior Cheer Captain
Kassandra Galaviz May 7, 2021

Andrea Ortiz is hardworking and determined. She is a senior and captain of the Varsity cheer and stunt team at Segerstrom. She is kind and helpful....

Gabby Muniz posing for a picture in her Varsity Uniform. 
Photo Courtesy of: Gabby Muniz
Gabby Muniz stays strong during softball season
Lina Naranjo April 27, 2021

During COVID-19, sports have changed a lot of rules due to social distancing. For many, it has been hard to cope with because athletes can no...