Astros and Red Socks Cheating Scandal


Houston Astros players during a game waiting in the field. Photo Courtesy of: Lookout Landing

In January 2020, The Houston Astros and Boston Red Socks had been caught cheating during previous World Series matches.  

Back in the 2017 World Series, the Houston Astros were caught cheating against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Red Socks in the 2018 World Series stole signs from the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

The Astros cheated by allowing players and staff members to view a center field camera in Minute Maid Park, which would record opposing teams, catchers, and signaling signs. They used this by placing electronic buzzers under their uniforms during the 2017 World Series. The buzzers were used to warn upcoming pitches and pitch locations.  

“I’m mad at the fact that they cheated in the World Series,” said Adrian Mendez (9).

After the Astros were caught cheating, the act can lead to them not playing a full season of baseball, which the MLB believed to be the correct course of action. For the Boston Red Socks, they were caught cheating in 2018 and they were under an investigation like the Astros.

Rob Manfred, the Major League Baseball commissioner, was the person who found out about the sign stealing. He wants to suspend the Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow for having this happen. Rob Manfred will also discipline the Red Socks and will go further into the investigation. 

The MLB describes this situation as the illegal use of technology. Both teams used the center field camera for stealing the opposing catcher’s signs.  

The Astros also banged a trash can as a signal for the batters so they know that the pitch that was coming would either be like a speed pitch or an off-pitch.

Some fans are disappointed because they wouldn’t think that their team would cheat or steal other signs from the opposite teams.  

“When I found out that the Astros cheated, I was disappointed because they are my favorite team,” said Alexa Hernandez (9).