Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey’s promotional poster. Photo courtesy of: Tumblr

Birds of Prey’s promotional poster. Photo courtesy of: Tumblr

Suicide Squad was the movie where Harley Quinn, play by Margot Robbie, was first introduced as a villain and the Joker’s girlfriend. She quickly became a strong and iconic female villain that stood out and became very well known worldwide. Now, she is having her own stand-alone movie. 

“This movie [seems like a] very interesting movie. I would recommend the movie to fans of DC Comics it shows the story of Harley Quinn. If you are not a fan of the DC universe or action movies, then I don’t recommend it,” said Andrew Bernal (11).

Birds of Prey is a  DC Comics film starring Margot Robbie, who is the protagonist and producer of the movie. In the movie,  Harley Quinn unites forces with a couple of other female villains who in Birds of Prey are superheroes and work together to save a girl from the villain, Black Mask. This movie will be released on  February 7, 2020. 

“I think it’s gonna be a sick movie and hopefully it’s as good as Suicide Squad or the Joker movie, but its hard to tell because this director isn’t well-known. I find it very interesting because she is my favorite supervillain and I plan on watching it the day it comes out,” Alexis Villalta (10).

They started recording in Los Angeles in January of 2018 and ended up filming the entire movie there. Margot Robbie spent over 2 years working on Birds of Prey and gave the idea to Warner Bros in order for it to happen. She specifically was trying to have a smaller budget from the rest of the other DC movies, which made the final budget of the movie about $97.1million. 

“I most likely will enjoy the movie because I look forward to DC movies and there hasn’t been much recently and it’s kinda exciting finding out DC is making a new movie,” said James de la Cruz (11).