The Chaos of the Greyhound Bus

Photo courtesy of: Los Angeles Times

Photo courtesy of: Los Angeles Times

Early Monday morning on February 3rd, a man opened fire on a Greyhound bus that was traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco. A fifty-year-old woman lost her life with an additional five other people wounded. 

There were 43 people on the bus, including the driver. The bus was ordered to make a couple of stops before reaching San Francisco. According to Highway Patrol Sgt. Brian Pennings, the bus was traveling near Lebec (Southwestern Kern County) when a man pulled out a black handgun and opened fire inside.

Investigators are currently trying to figure out why he opened fire. The bus driver pulled to the side of the freeway after the shooting had occurred and the shooter got off the bus voluntarily. After he got off, the bus driver drove to a nearby gas station in Valerio, to which he then sought out medical attention for the six passengers affected by the shooting.

A woman from Colombia was pronounced dead at the scene, with five more injured that were taken to the hospital. 

The suspect was able to be located by local officers and was quickly arrested. Officials have the suspect in custody by the name of Anthony Devonte William, who is 33 years old, and was taken to the Kern County Jail on suspicion of murder and attemted murder. William is being held without bail.

Mark Grabban, a 29 year old passenger, who was also traveling on the bus with his girlfriend, first got a glimpse of the shooter because of his height. Grabban talked about the suspect in an interview with NBC News.

According to Grabban, the man was very loud once he entered the bus. The suspect then got into an argument with someone who asked him to quiet down. 

“He was muttering things, about ‘wait till we get to the gas station,” stated Grabban. The suspect soon began shouting and swearing before Grabban heard eight-to-nine shots go off.