Spring Sports


Segerstrom’s swimming deck.

Segerstrom High School spring sports are coming. Some of those sports involve softball, boys swim, lacrosse, boys tennis, boys baseball, boys volleyball, girls swim, and track.  

These sports are getting prepared for their season and they are ready to play. They have been training the whole school year to play during their season.  

Swim mainly focuses on swim races and competitions. Both boy and girl swim teams play at the same time. They mainly race students from other schools.  The things that swim do are different types of stokes when they race or do competitions.  

“Swim is fun at practice and I can’t wait to start the races and competitions,” said Alexa Hernandez (9).

Some water polo athletes transfer to swim right after the water polo season is over. They do swim so they can keep training in swimming. 

“I´m going to stay in swim after water polo because it´s going to help me get better at swimming,” said Karen Villegas (9). 

Swim starts this month in February and they play against Loara, Sage Hill. 

“I´m excited about swim because I’ve practiced the whole school year and swimming is my favorite sport,” said Natalie Ramos (9). 

As for the other sports, baseball starts in February and all the spring sports also start in February.