Tik Tok is the Best


Tik Tok Famous: adamrayokay is a Tik Tok star after making his videos about a character he has created named ‘Rosa’.

From memes to the dances that we all know and love, Tik Tok has taken over the world of social media.

Tik Tok is a social media app that was originally music.ly until it changed to Tik Tok in 2017. Since then, the app has grown into a worldwide past time for most teenagers. Some people love the app and spend a lot of time on it while others argue it is an addicting app that has no good content.

In our opinion, the app has great content for people in high school. Not only does it have dances that everyone seems to be doing in their free time, it has funny videos, advice for teens, relatable videos, and introduces new music to people. 

“I love how Tik Tok is becoming a multifunctional platform. You can learn how to cook a steak and in the next one, laugh at someone’s creativity. It can help spread messages and awareness,” said Sebastian Arellano (11).

Tik Tok dances are some of the most popular trends going around right now. Users on Tik Tok dedicate their time to learning different dances and share them in hopes of going viral.

“I love the funny videos on Tik Tok. Especially adamrayokay, he’s hilarious,” said Chelsea Zenteno (12).

Many people have also benefited from the app. An example is Charli D’Amelio, a fifteen-year-old, who has gained ‘the hype’ ever since she began making the popular videos of her doing the ‘renegade’ dance. In 9 months, she has reached 23.2 million followers, met celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, and moved in with her friends into the Hype House. The Hype House is a home in which many of the most popular Tik Tok teens live with each other and create content for their fans. 

Overall, we both agree that Tik Tok has moved beyond Vine, an app similar to Tik Tok, and has become iconic with the different 60-second videos posted by users.