New Russ Album


The cover to Russ’ new album. Photo courtesy of: Twitter

Russell James Vitali, commonly known as Russ, is an American rapper, writer, and singer. “Losin Control” was his top single that made him known and his song was 63 on Billboard Hot 100.

“I enjoy his music because it is very catchy and has a nice beat that makes you want to keep listening and his lyrics speak to me and say things that I find relatable to my life,” said Sofia Laguna (11).

Russ has released over 9 albums with Columbia and Diemon Studio Albums. He is not only known for performing but also working on the production of his own music and has only worked with producer, Scott Storch. After ending his tour in 2019, he released a new album Shake That Snow Globe on January 31, 2019. “Guess What” is his number one song from the album.

“I don’t really listen to his music often, but he is good and his lyrics go hard and say good things and I think he is an underrated artist that deserves more credit,” said Alan Santiago (11). 

“Guess What” is a song that has an upbeat and hype beat song and is meant to be to enjoy in the moment and party. He talks about celebrating life and the whole song is him trying to get everyone to have fun and enjoy what they have and not stress about other things. This song is trying to spread euphoria to the people who listen to his music.

“I like the song, I found it really catchy, but so are all of his other songs. I would only listen to it when I’m trying to vibe and I would give it a 7/10,” said Michelle Higareda (11).