Afterthoughts on Junior Conference


Juniors: Natalia Luna, Angelina Castro, and Chloe Le reading the Junior Conference posters.

Junior Push is a yearly event that is held to inform juniors of information about getting ready for senior year, and their later future. 

Students were first introduced with a panel from representatives from different colleges. They were informed about the different school systems; from community to private. Each college talked about what they offer, and other important information about their school. 

“The different colleges helped me understand the different systems that are available. Before this, I had no idea about the information from these colleges,” said Terrence Huynh (11).

Students were also able to register for the classes that they thought were best for them to take. They were guided by their counselors, and were there with them in case they had any questions about certain classes. 

“My counselors helped me register for my classes and told me what classes would be best for me to take, they really helped me out a lot,” said Dewey Duong (11).

Throughout the day, students were back and forth between different workshops that were made to prepare them for their senior year, and get to know about life after high school.

Most colleges ask for SAT or ACT score when students are applying to that school, so Juniors were also given the choice of going to a workshop after, which informed them about signing up for the SAT. 

Juniors found that they left knowing more, and feeling like they are ready to finish the year off, and love on to their final year of high school. 

“I definitely felt like, at the end of the day, I left feeling less stressed about everything that comes with planning for next year, as well as college,” said Cinthia Ochoa (11).