Single Pringles Unite


A single woman enjoying valentine’s by herself. Photo courtesy of: Country Living Magazine

February 15, the day after the most romantic holiday (Valentine’s Day), has been labeled the unofficial “Singles Day” of Millennials and Gen Z. The holiday celebrates the fact that some people are single, most of the time, by choice. 

While the holiday doesn’t have all the recognition and discount sales as Valentine’s Day, it does give the chance to just appreciate oneself and get a lot of discount chocolates. A lot of single teens go out with their friends and make fun of all the lovesick couples who clung to each other the day before.

“I’m perfectly happy in my relationship, but if I get broken up with, I might enjoy Singles Day. Even if it seems really stupid and petty to me right now,” said Daniel Armstrong (12).

People who have been dumped can enjoy this holiday as well, given that one zoo in El Paso will let you name a cockroach after your ex, and on Valentine’s Day they’ll feed it to the lemurs; it is available to live stream. 

“I think that’s a funny idea and a very indirect way of getting back at your ex for all the stuff they’ve done to you. It’s also a bit stupid but hey, some things like that are,” said Jay Juarez, a senior at Middle College.

Some people use this event as a self care day and treat themselves to facemasks and half-price chocolates. 

“My favorite thing to do is just relax and eat chocolate. It was on sale and no one is gonna judge me for being me,” stated Roman Smith (12). 

Overall, Singles Day is a holiday that has evolved in mockery of the capitalistic culture that surrounds Valentine’s Day and the romantic aspect of society that dictates that everyone should be in a relationship.