Kyrie Irving Injury


Kyrie is clearly in pain while on the Washington Wizards’ floor. Photo courtesy of: NY Post

Kyrie Irving played against the Washington Wizards Saturday night, on February 1st, and got tangled up with opposing guard, Bradley Beal. Kyrie Irving fell awkwardly, hurting his knee and he will need to undergo an MRI soon. The Brooklyn Nets medical staff say they think it’s just a knee sprain, but don’t know for sure.

This was just Irving’s 8th game back in the Net’s lineup after missing 2 months from a shoulder injury.

“When I saw the video of Kyrie falling down on Instagram, it looked kind of bad. I know Kyrie had just started playing again because he was out for a while and now, he’s injured again. It just sucks when you want to do so much but your body won’t allow you and slows you down,” said Jalen Cervantes (9).

The city of Brooklyn has been waiting for Kyrie Irving to finally be able to play at his best and be fully healthy. Irving was supposed to be good to play, but now the city and its people are being forced to wait again as Irving won’t be playing for now.

“Kyrie Irving is my favorite basketball player right now. I like how he gets to the basket easily and uses his dribbling skills to move past defenders and find separation to get a shot up. I had just watched his last game when he dropped 50 points! Now, he’s out again and it sucks,” said Adrian Ortiz (11).

Kyrie had just had a 54 point game Friday night against the Chicago Bulls. Kyrie only had 11 points before going down in the 4th quarter with 5 minutes left in the game.

“Kyrie going down again just sucked. I know he was just coming back from his shoulder injury and now he’s hurt again. With Kevin Durant still out after hurting his achilles I don’t think the Nets will be as exciting or as good as they could. I just wish both of them a fast recovery so they can return as soon as possible.” said Tommy Sanchez (10).