Made vs. Bought


Taking time to make a love stack. Photo courtesy of: SheKnows

Valentine’s Day is all about love. To show appreciation, we like to give presents that mean something to each other. Some people will buy gifts, or others will make their own. It’s said handmade gifts are more meaningful because people take time out of their day to make something for you, but others say otherwise, as long as it’s something they like and is important to the person receiving the gift. I personally think homemade gifts are better because it makes me think that people took the time to make me something and it’s more sentimental. 

“I think it really doesn’t matter as long as it really comes from the heart,” says Isaac Vasquez (11).

Any present will be meaningful as long as it has a meaning behind it. It can be a gift basket of memorable things or even items the person likes. It could also be a DIY gift that could include cute pictures or moments that they’ve spent together to remember all the good times. 

“I personally think homemade gifts are better because someone was making something thinking of me and took time making it for me with love,” said Angelica Garcia (11).

 Gifts can really depend on the person because if it’s something they like and aren’t picky about things then they can just buy their gift and it would be fine and some people are afraid of messing up so rather purchase something they know they like but still have a meaning behind it.