Valentine’s Day – A Day for Yourself

Some Valentine’s Day makeup and nail ideas. Photo courtesy of:

Some Valentine’s Day makeup and nail ideas. Photo courtesy of:

Valentine’s Day is a day for anyone to get ready and look cute and presentable for their plans that day. Since the day is all about romance, it’s all about cute dates and love for anyone, not just a “significant other,” this day can be for anyone. 

This day both girls and boys take the time out of their day to look beautiful and extra special. It’s a good day to go all out and be fancy. No matter whether you are taken or single, you should look good for yourself. Cute colors like red, white, pink, and, especially, light colors go well with Valentine’s Day themes. 

“I love looking good on Valentine’s Day; eyelids poppin’ and makeup looking good. [Around] a month before, I’ll probably have red or pink nails because why not go off,”  said Sofia Laguna (11).

For some types of nails, some girls should get something extra, but simple at the same time. Most nails usually seen are coffin-shaped with a soft color and simple designs that go with the event they’re having.

For makeup, many girls go all out because Valentine’s Day is a special occasion. Those who do not wear makeup every day might think it is too much. Michelle Higareda (11) sees it this way, but she still thinks that wearing a little makeup on Valentine’s Day is okay.

“I think that nails make you feel put together and it gives you a pop of sass and you feel pretty. With makeup, I don’t really wear much but I think something simple would look cute.” 

So, no matter how you live your life every day, a day like Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate yourself.