Love Week


Clarissa Canales (11) and Kimberly Avila (11) dressed up for “Dynamic Duo.”

Segerstrom’s ASB hosts a spirit week every so often. This month they had a “Love Week” so students could show their spirit by participating with spirit wear. On Tuesday, it was Pajama Day, Wednesday was Hippie Day, and Thursday was “Dynamic Duo” or Twin Day. On Friday, students wore red if they were taken, pink if it’s complicated and white if single. ASB hosted a “Love Assembly” with a public speaker on Friday.

“Love Week” was a week dedicated to show love since Valentine’s Day landed on Friday during their spirit week. 

“I think Segerstrom did a good job this year for Love Week. There were so many cool events and ASB did such an amazing job with the decorations and really just making our campus look really nice and fun. I think the ideas they had this year were very creative and well-thought-out,” said Giovanni Castro (10).

ASB at Segerstrom really did their best in making the campus look nice, with the setting up tents as well as having special games going on during both lunches. Not to mention they had the perfect music playlist. Love Week was just an all-around good week to be at Segerstrom.

“My favorite part about Love Week was the public speaker, Tyler,  who came to talk to us about hiding our emotions. He gave us a really deep story about a guy named Joe who was thought to be perfect but had a lot going on at home. While telling us this story, Tyler found ways to put in some comedy, so it wasn’t all sad, and I think that’s what I enjoyed the most,” said Dominic Roldan (9).

The reason behind hosting Love Week was to spread this positivity and show not only the students but the whole school, including teachers, principals, custodians, and every other staff member, that they are loved and appreciated at Segerstrom High School.

“I think Love Week was probably my favorite week this whole school year. It would probably be between this week and Halloween week because of all the decorations. The vibe at school was honestly just a good vibe during Love Week. It made me really happy and excited to be at school,” said Jazmin Cortez (10).