A Boogie Drops A New Album


Album cover of Artist 2.0 Photo Courtesy of: Instagram @artisthbt

Artist J. Dubose, commonly known as “A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie” is a Bronx rapper and singer. He released Artist 2.0 on February 14, 2020. This new album was a sequel to his mixtape Artist in 2014. The album has 20 songs with several features from big artists. About 7 of his songs are currently in the Billboard  Top 100 chart. His album has been the #1 most streamed album this week. 

“I was really excited about A Boogie dropping his album because I’ve always enjoyed listening to his music. Some of my favorite songs in the album are ‘Calm Down’ ft. Summer Walker and ‘Another Day Gone’ ft. Khalid. Those have to be some of my favorite songs since they have features from 2 of my other favorite artists,” says Jazmin Cortez (10). 

The album Artist 2.0 and the mixtape Artist have about the same number of features. A Boogie has received lots of love and support on his new album since many of his fans have been waiting for him to release new music. A Boogie’s last album was Hoodie SZN, which was released back in December of 2018.

“I honestly liked Artist more than Artist 2.0 because in my opinion the first one has better songs and it had fewer features. I still do like Artist 2.0 and I have a certain amount of favorite songs. My top 3 would be  ‘Thug Love,’ ‘King of My City’, and ‘Mood Swings.’ I listen to them while I go to the gym and workout along with other of my favorite songs,” says Alan Santiago (11).

In a recent interview, A Boogie had on BigBoyTV he spoke about how having features from certain artists helped balance his album out. Many fans have been waiting for new music and when he released the album some were disappointed because it didn’t “live up to the hype.”

“I was excited about A Boogies album because I’ve always liked his music. There are some songs I don’t really vibe with though. In my opinion, I think Artist is better than Artist 2.0. It didn’t really live up to my expectations since he’s released better albums in the past. I still enjoy his music but I do feel like it could’ve been a bit better,” says Isaac Vasquez (11).