Jhené Aiko Announces New Album “Chilombo”


Jhené Aiko “Chilombo” album photoshoot. Photo courtesy of: Consequence of sound

Jhené Aiko announced the release date for her upcoming new album, Chilombo, to be released on March 6. She also revealed the cover art featuring her own close-up portrait wearing a yellow head wrap.

The title of the album comes from the full name of R&B singer — Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo — and is a word that means “wild beast.” Aiko has fittingly taken inspiration from the wildest beast in nature, the volcanoes of The Big Island of Hawaii, for the album.

“I personally know that Jhené Aiko’s album is going to be such a vibe. When I hear her frequency in her music it amazes me at the power behind it. The healing, the strength, and guidance it gives the listeners. So ready for Chilombo, I am counting the days until it drops,” said Dayanara Lopez (9).

In the tropical paradise, she first jammed the songs out, freestyling the lyrics as she went. Additionally, she added crystal alchemy singing bowls to each track, a subtle way to introduce the sound healing concept into her music.

“I am grateful that I have come across a beautiful soul like Jhené Aiko because she inspired me to meditate and manifest in my dreams. Her music is so vivid and calming that it has changed me into the person I am today,” said Karla Martinez (12).

Unlike her previous 2017 gold-certified album, Trip, which describes her relationship grieving process, Chilombo reveals Jhené embracing her strength and power, as a woman, creator, and healer, coming into her own.

“What I love most about Jhené Aiko is that she is all about peace and love. The sound of her voice is so soothing and heavenly that I can listen to her all day. I am very excited about her new upcoming album Chilombo that’s coming out on March 6,” said America Rosas (12).

Apart from this, late album previews included “Triggered (Freestyle)” and “None of Your Concern” both released last year. Aiko recently dropped a final advanced track, “P*$$y Fairy (OTW).”

“First off, Jhené Aiko is one of my favorite female R&B artists. She dropped three singles in the past year that were about her current boyfriend Big Sean. The fact that they are together makes me so happy. I wonder if her new album Chilombo is gonna be a sad or happy album – either way I’m so excited,” said Elijah Cueva (11).

Although Jhené has not shared much information about her upcoming project, it is known that the singer pours out her truth in music. Fans are expecting to hear songs dedicated to Jhené Aiko’s break-up-to-make-up relationship with Big Sean in her new album.