Suspicious Death of Elderly Women in Santa Ana


Street view of the woman’s house. Photo Courtesy of: KTLA5

At around 10:40 am, an elderly woman was found dead inside her house at 1203 South Baker Street, in Santa Ana, California. 

The police were sent to her house after a family member called and said that they had found her dead. The death was not apparent, and her identity is still unknown. Police suspected the possibility of “foul play,” as homicide detectives were sent to the scene for investigation. 

The police, while waiting to acquire a search warrant to gather more clues about the unfortunate death of the elderly lady, a “possible suspect” drove by the home, police say. Police approached the man, but after some time the potential suspect tried evading, leading them on a slow-speed pursuit all the way to Irvine, where he was eventually stopped by K-9 forces, and taken into custody. 

The man was taken to a hospital for treatment after suffering an injury during his arrest. His identity hasn’t been revealed to the public yet, but police are unsure whether or not the man had anything to do with the woman’s death, and if he will face charges or not. 

Alfredo Olmos (9) was asked if he felt safe living in Santa Ana, and responded with this, “I grew up living here [Santa Ana], but I do feel that crime is rising. All I can say is that yes it’s safe here, just be careful [with] who you hang out with you know.”  

Alfredo Olmos isn’t wrong in feeling this way, as Santa Ana has risen in crime these past years, as in 2016 the number of violent crimes went from 1,612 to 1,640 the following year. Property crimes have also been steadily rising, from 6,980 in 2016 to 7,017 the very next year, according to OC Weekly.