Boys Volleyball Falls Short of a Victory


Segerstrom after their first home game loss. Defeated by Orange High.

Segerstrom Jaguars played their first home game against Orange High School on Tuesday. Segerstrom had previously defeated this team in a recent tournament at Century High School. 

Starting off right, with a win of 26-24 in the first set, it seemed as if they were going to have a chance to make this game a win. A little too close for high confidence though. Things, however, began to slip up for the team and then lost the second set. It was the same run around again, and things went all the way up to the fifth set. 

Sets 2-4 were long rallies, of the ball going back and forth. Both teams were pushing toward trying to win and showed it. Towards the end of the fourth set, Jaguars were missing an extra bit of power. 

This was their second list of the season, and currently have no wins. As of now, their current records is 0-3.

One of the players who made a big difference, and really helped them team was Daniel Navarro, a senior, who joined volleyball for the first time this year. In an interview, he said “I feel we all did pretty good as a team. We did everything we had to do. We need a bit more communication, but we could easily fix that next time”.

“It was a close game from the beginning and you could really tell we both really wanted it,” said team captain David Carasco (11). “This is not anything that is going to stop us, and we just have to get up again and win the next game. I have trust in my team and just need to work on some things to make this a good season.”

They are expected to play the Portola Tournament on Friday, and their next home game is on Tuesday, March 10.