The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez: A Netflix Series


Gabriel Fernandez was still in first grade and was only eight years old. According to his classmate, he was kind to everyone he met.

On February 26, 2020, Netflix released a documentary on the murder of Gabriel Fernandez, an eight-year-old boy. Fernandez was brutally murdered by his own mother and her boyfriend, Pearl Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre.

The miniseries interviews those who knew Gabriel and were close to him, his teacher, family member, classmate, etc. The series made sure to put a warning before every episode as each episode had very sensitive topics including abuse and molestation. 

Fernandez was routinely tortured and kept in a cupboard. He was isolated from the world and one interviewee even commented that Gabriel probably thought he was a burden and didn’t know that there were people who actually loved him and cared for him.

Prosecutor, Jonathan Hatami, was the one who made sure to get justice for Gabriel. He is the district attorney for Los Angeles and was frequently featured in the series fighting for what was right.

This documentary is an extremely put together series and is highly recommended for anyone. The story truly encapsulates the worst abuse case to a young child by his parents.