Cosmic Meadow Dance


A poster for the Cosmic Meadow Dance.

Dances are a fun and memorable school event where you are able to meet new people or have a good time with your friends or partner. The whole event would be a memorable experience. You can not only dance, but eat, hang out, or just chill and enjoy the music. 

“I wasn’t planning on going until today. My friend invited and convinced me to attend, so now I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and I am going to have a good time with my friends instead of staying home and I am super excited [about] the outfits we are [planning] to wear,” said Melissa Rodriguez (12).

March 13th is the Cosmic Meadow dance, which will be at Segerstrom High School’s gym from 6 to 10 P.M. The tickets are being sold for solos as well as groups of 6. This year’s spring dance is a different one from past years. It’s very different than a regular formal dance. 

“I’m not planning to go to Spring Fling, but I think it seems fun and enjoyable. I personally don’t wanna go because I’m not that type of person to go to school dances, but maybe later on in the year I might attend one and hopefully have a good time, right now I’m not too convinced,” said   Ricardo Hernandez (11). 

The students are allowed to wear anything as long as it’s not inappropriate and is not disturbing to others. Besides being informal, it is EDC themed which means it is going to be very free, wild, loud, and fun due to electronic music with many lights. It’s almost as if you are attending a music festival. 

“I think it’s a great thing for students. They can enjoy themselves and have a fun time with their friends and significant others. They can lay back and just let go of all their stress. [Though] I am [personally] not going to [attend] Spring Fling,” said Diego Najarro (11).