Senior Sendoff #Classof2020

Elle McDowell: A Great Example

Senior Sendoff #Classof2020

Making an impact on the journalism program in just one short year, Elle McDowell, Segerstrom senior, quickly established herself as a strong writer and earned an editing position as a first-year journalism student. This accomplishment is unusual. Editing positions are usually available to returning journalism students only. But, Elle is skilled in writing and has a positive, productive attitude. Giving her a leadership position just makes sense. It was a gift to our journalism class that Elle enrolled in journalism this past year.

Elle’s love for telling local stories came through in the articles she published this year. For one article she published this school year in December, Elle interviewed local businesses and merchants in the area. In the article “OC: Local Businesses to Support This Holiday Season!” readers not only learn of the local DIY community, but they learn where and how to purchase holiday gifts from local businesses. Elle’s articles are always informative, and her creative approach to finding stories proves that she is a true journalist. 

Never viewing reporting as niche, Elle also covered national news by finding the local connection. Her article, “Santa Ana’s 4th Annual Women’s March,” is a prime example of her serving as the local voice and perspective for a national story. This, once again, is evidence of her commitment to fulfilling her role as a journalist.

Elle is also a team player who is ready to help staff members. Her maturity, positivity, and style made her well-liked by the staff. Co-editors-in-chief, Alexa Perez (11), knows this well and reflects on how Elle helped both co-editors-in-chief produce the school’s news publication.

“Elle was such a great example for all of the people in our class. She was so kind to everyone and always was willing to help Yadira and I. I’m going to miss her so much and I hope she does great wherever she goes.” 

Every Jag Journal staff member can agree with Alexa. Elle is a great example, not only for journalism students but for everyone. The character she shows each and every day is something that all Jaguars can be proud of. As she moves on to the next stage in her life, it is important for Elle to know that she had a positive impact on the journalism program and that there are students and staff here at Segertrom who wish her nothing but success in the future. Congratulations, Elle!