A Message from The Jag Journal Editorial Board


A photo of last year’s Editorial Board.

Confronted by the coronavirus pandemic, the subsequent economic shutdown that has overwhelmed businesses and families, the looming ramifications of the death of the Notorious RBG on the Supreme Court, the escalation of tensions over systematic racial inequality, and the upcoming, decisive election representing a polarized, divided political environment, it seems as if America has never before been in such a labyrinthine state of turmoil.

Yet, in spite of these challenges, Santa Ana and other cities have coordinated locally through various initiatives to empower their communities. Santa Ana’s efforts in forming the Santa Ana CARES assistance program offers relief for thousands of residents. Because of this program, Santa Ana is not only one of the few cities in Orange County to offer free COVID testing, but it provides a variety of other services, including rental relief, utility bill assistance, child care assistance, and grants for businesses. Santa Ana schools themselves teachers who have devoted much time and resources to shift to distance learning also offer free lunch programs for socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and much more. 

With such admirable efforts in Santa Ana, our community has become a source of inspiration– it is in that spirit The Jag Journal, Segerstrom High School’s news source, is formed. We are a student-driven effort dedicated to combating the lack of earnest and genuine communication that seems to plague America and continuing to support a lasting connection between communities in spite of the political and social circumstances that divide us. 

We want our institution to be a foundational pillar within Santa Ana, specifically for the students of Segerstrom High School, as we strive to uphold values of journalistic integrity and produce unbiased, well-researched, and relevant news stories. Instead of discouraging us, the emergence of misinformation and the state of politics in the media has catalyzed us to stay true to our values even more so than before.  

Whether we are reporting news covering school-wide events, featuring exceptional work by clubs and teachers, or highlighting student achievement, we want the Segerstrom community to depend on The Jag Journal staff for information. We hope to put a lens on Santa Ana, highlighting Segerstrom’s diversity and representing all voices. 

And so, in spite of these unprecedented times, The Jag Journal will strive to be a part of the effort to lead the community to a more peaceful and equal world.