Mrs. Huezo and the Higher Education Center

The Higher Education Center Coordinator, Mrs. Huezo, stands in front of a group of Segerstrom students.

The Higher Education Center Coordinator, Mrs. Huezo, stands in front of a group of Segerstrom students.

Mrs. Huezo is the High Education Center coordinator at Segerstrom High School. The Higher Education Center has many resources for students, providing information about colleges and universities, majors, financial aid, scholarships, and even summer programs students are able to attend. 

“My role at the high school is to help create and sustain a college-going culture at the high school. I work alongside the counselors to ensure our students have access to college and career destinations. The Higher Education Center is a one-stop information and service center for students, parents, and staff members,” Mrs. Huezo says.

She is the person to go to if you need any kind of help that has to do with college or career information. The Higher Education Center is to ensure students are on track for college. Not only do you have the support of Mrs. Huezo, but your counselor and staff members as well!

“My favorite part of the job is working with students and helping them reach their college and career goals. It’s so exciting to see our seniors get notified from a university they applied to that they got admitted! I enjoy talking to students and remembering who they were in 9th and 10th graders when we met and who they are as seniors. It takes a lot of hard work and follow-up from students and myself. I arrange class presentations, after school workshops, small groups, one-on-one, and parent meetings to inform our students and parents about college options. My hope is that with every meeting, students understand that college is within reach and that their counselor and I are there to help guide and support them,” Mrs. Huezo continues.

There are many resources available at Segerstrom High School. Students have access to a variety of activities and events they can attend. For example, some include career talk Tuesdays, mini college fairs, and even lunch and after school workshops.

“Becoming a Higher Education Coordinator is not something I planned for. My career goal growing up was to become a doctor because I wanted to help and care for people. My scope of career fields was very limited, becoming a doctor was the only way I knew I could help someone. I went to a catholic high school and we did not have any counselors to help guide us in our path, so students had to do it on their own,” Mrs. Huezo adds.

Mrs. Huezo is a very hard working person at this high school. Along with many other staff members at Segerstrom, they try their best to help guide students in the right direction for their future college and career goals as well as preparing students for the future.

“Jaguars, I will work hard to help get you to your college and career destinations but it also requires effort on your end.  Work hard, get the best grades you can, and when you need help, ask me, ask your counselor, ask your teachers, ask any Segerstrom staff member, we will help.  And when you do not believe you can achieve something, I will believe for you.  Work hard Jaguars, and remember, once you are in college, remember to reach back and help someone else find their way to college,” Mrs. Huezo concludes.