Four Clubs to Join at Segerstrom


Last year’s photo of Kreation’s members. Photo courtesy of: Kreation’s Instagram

As the end of the first semester approaches, Segerstrom students should look towards becoming more involved within the school community. With the enlarging digital gap between friends and teachers as a result of distance learning, there has never been a more pressing need for connection. 

Joining clubs is a commendable way to learn various skills, meet new people, and build opportunities for college and beyond. 

While Segerstrom offers a diversity of community service, academic, and social clubs, we have identified four new clubs created in the past year that students should join.

1. Kpop Club

Segerstrom’s first Kpop club, or Kreation as it is also referred to, was founded last school year by President Nadia Tran. Fans of BTS, Blackpink, Twice, or EXO should join Kreation and meet other students with similar interests. With over 37 members, Kreation is one of Segerstrom’s most popular clubs. 

“At the moment, we are getting our club prepared for the school year no matter what happens. We go over events, activities, and fundraisers to do for the rest of this school year. We have been coming up with ideas for our club logo and colors,” Tran, a junior at Segerstrom, says.

They recently held a Photocard Trading Event over Instagram and a Halloween Kpop Contest.

Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 3:30 pm. For more information, visit @kreation_official on Instagram.

2. National History Day (NHD) Club

National History Day (NHD) Club was founded just this year. The club focuses on guiding students through the National History Day Competition. Students from all over the nation research and construct historical projects, ranging from documentaries, papers, exhibits, websites, and performances, under an annual theme. 

Students who are interested in the arts, history, website design, or writing should join this club. 

Meetings are held every Wednesday at 3:00 pm. For more information, visit @segerstromnhd on Instagram.

3. Vietnamese Student Association Club

Interested in learning about Vietnamese culture? Chloe Le and Katrina Nguyen, both seniors at Segerstrom, started the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) Club a couple of weeks before school closed. Their Instagram biography speaks to their primary purpose: “promoting and preserving the unique beauty of Vietnam.” 

“Growing up, I didn’t see the Vietnamese community as represented as other backgrounds were so I wanted to help solve this problem,” Le says. “I hope to help educate others about Vietnamese culture.” 

Meetings are held on Monday at 3:00 pm. For more information, check them out on Facebook or @sfhsvsa on Instagram. 

4. Tutorial Intervention Program (TIP)

Who knows the AP Biology curriculum better than a student in that class? Founded last year, the Tutorial Intervention Program (TIP) connects peer tutors to students. They also provide additional services including study groups, tutoring for exams like the Collegeboard’s Subject SATs, and a mentoring writing program. 

TIP is always looking for more tutors, study group leaders, and mentors. Students who are highly academic, need volunteer hours, and are willing to give back to the Segerstrom community should apply to TIP. 

For more information, contact them @segerstromtip on Instagram.