P.E. Classes in a New Setting


Norma Mendoza’s workout set-up at home for her P.E. classes.

Segerstrom High School has a two year physical education requirement for its students. Students can fulfill this requirement by taking P.E., joining a sport, or doing marching band. Typically, most students get this done their freshman and sophomore year of high school since students need to complete it in order to be able to graduate. Usually, the class takes place on the track or field, but since school has shifted to online learning, this is no longer an option. 

With online classes, students are required to do their physical education at home, which is quite a change from how it was previously done before. They need to find a place at home to do their workouts whether that be in their room, living room, backyard or other open spaces.  P.E. teachers often will have their cameras on to demonstrate an exercise, or they will show a video that students need to follow along to. They require students to turn on their cameras so that they can monitor participation.  

Other teachers assign workout videos to students and have them record themselves in order to show evidence they did the exercises. This alternate method can greatly help students who are uncomfortable with working out alongside their peers digitally. 

“I feel like it’s easier because we can workout whenever we have time and since they don’t force us to do it at a certain time, I actually enjoy doing it,” Norma Mendoza (10) says.

Most students enjoy doing their physical education classes at home. Students can now do their workouts in their own home without feeling judged by their peers. 

However, students who joined a sport may not be content with doing their sport at home. Although practice for certain sports have resumed, such as football, cheer, and waterpolo, there are very strict guidelines and rules in place to keep everyone safe. These rules limit the extent to which students can practice and the way their practice goes. It certainly differs from how sports operated before quarantine. 

Overall, most students are enjoying the way their physical education has been taking place this year. Students who are passionate about sports, however, are more likely to hope that school can resume back to normal as soon as possible.