Segerstrom Celebrates This Spooky Saturday With Some Spirit Solace


The original copy of the Halloween Spirit Week flyer; everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate.

With Halloween just around the corner but social distancing protocols still in place, students may be concerned about how they will be celebrating Saturday this year.

Despite the limitations that these rules place on Halloween, Segerstrom has planned a Halloween-themed Spirit Week to stay connected with the school’s community during the pandemic.

Staff and students are highly encouraged to spread positivity during Spirit Week by sharing photos on Instagram, according to the flyer that was recently emailed to the whole school. Each day, a related picture can be posted on Segerstrom’s Instagram @sfhsjaguars.

On Monday, students were asked to post their favorite Halloween memes. Memes are a more modern representation of funny jokes that can be shared virtually and are a perfect way to show students a bright side to the situations they are currently facing. On Tuesday, a video is to be posted via the TikTok app. The TikTok is to imitate a recently popular trend, called the ghost trend, in which someone cuts two holes in a plain white sheet and drapes it over themselves to look like a ghost. 

Wednesday marks Scary Movie Day, giving students the opportunity to share their favorite Halloween horror films to continue celebrating Spirit Week. The number of scary movies to watch is practically limitless and will keep everyone’s Halloween spirit high.

Next, it is time for Throwback Thursday, to share perhaps one of the scariest things of all. Everyone was asked that they share a baby picture of themselves on Instagram. While sharing such a photo is maybe a little embarrassing, it’s Halloween, so students will have fun with the picture that will be posted.

At last, Spirit Week has come to an end, but not without one final post. Halloween will be the day after, and everyone would love to see the creative costumes that have been put together. Even though it’ll be much more of a challenge to trick-or-treat this year, finishing the week with such a post will put an enjoyable end to Halloween Spirit Week.

Segerstrom students are hoping for a thrilling Halloween, albeit a different one. It is critical to stay safe when trick-or-treating now more than ever. To ensure the safety of the school community, students are encouraged to stay cautious and careful by staying in larger groups, especially later at night. Students should also make a habit of reaching out to their friends to stay connected with one another. Quarantine has not been easy for anyone, but even seeing another person’s face can make the virtual experience better.