What is Trending on Student’s Social Media?

On a student’s social media, what pops up usually depends on what is popular or trending at the moment.


The different forms of social media can be Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc…

On a student’s social media, what pops up usually depends on what is popular or trending at the moment. 

As of the last couple of weeks, most of everyone’s social media has been flooded with posts about the presidential election. New information is being released everyday, and this is the way that many students keep up with what is happening in the political world. Posts about the presidential election can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Tik Tok.

However, variety does exist. Depending on the accounts students follow, their homepage on social media can be different than other students. Some people might be following accounts that promote awareness on topics such as abortion, LGTBQ+ rights, BLM. Other students may follow their favorite artists or actors. 

What students see on their social media accounts can deeply affect their perspective on various issues. Seeing encouraging posts can make a person’s day while seeing negative posts can bring them down. Following certain news media or political accounts can change the way a student thinks about a social or political topic.

“I remember seeing posts about how covid cases were increasing everyday on my social media such as Instagram and Twitter. I would see posts about the death rates going up and how more and more people were losing their family members. I was terrified and it made me not want to open my social media because I already knew what I would see,” Abihail Alvizo (12) says.

At the beginning of the year, many students saw COVID-19 related posts on their social media, which may have caused some students to want to stay away from their accounts. Living with COVID on top of having to see it on social media, a place that can be used to escape from real life, can make any person upset.

In spite of the number of COVID cases growing, social media has slowly been returning to normal. Students have been sharing and liking posts that they feel passionate about and have been educating themselves on important topics.