Segerstrom Girls Basketball Fundraiser


The Segerstrom basketball team logo. Photo courtesy of: The Segerstrom website

Despite all SAUSD high schools remaining closed, the Segerstrom girls basketball team still finds ways to fundraise. Varsity player, Emily Ngo, was asked a couple of questions about the logistics of a possible fundraiser. 

She explains that the program will send emails to parents, friends, and more, asking them to donate in order to help out their basketball team. Such funds will  cover for their practice gear, equipment, and more.

Due to COVID-19, school policy will not limit the number of people that can attend games, so there will be no entrance fees required. Much of the money that is collected there is instrumental in the basketball’s programs success, which is why this fundraiser is so important to the team.

¨I hope we are able to get money from the fundraiser that way my team and I won’t need to pay for their practice gear and much needed new basketballs for the program, the donations will go towards equipment, fees, and travel costs,¨ Ngo says.

The program is trying to keep the costs as low as possible; all the funds will go directly to paying for the most necessary items. Their main goal is to provide their players with the equipment they need.

Ngo and the team hope that many donations are made so their team can be properly equipped and ready for the season.  

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