Opinion: Is it worth traveling for the holidays?


People waiting to board their flights. Photo Courtesy of: The New York Times

2020 has been a rough year. This is why people are eager to travel for the holidays to see loved ones and end this challenging year on a good note, but that might not be a good idea.  

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has taken just six days to add a million new COVID cases in the United States, that is before Thanksgiving and there are still more holidays coming up this year. The CDC advises not to travel for the holidays. In a news conference the CDC had 3 weeks ago, the officials pleaded with families not to travel and only celebrate with the members within their household. 

The U.S has officially passed 12 million confirmed documented infections in the country. There is still enthusiasm for new medications and vaccines, but it would take months before we can even vaccinate all Americans. The U.S. is averaging around 170,000 new cases every day, a 60% increase from just three weeks ago. The deaths are even worse, averaging at 1,200 a day, at the time of research. Health care workers are severely concerned for the upcoming weeks and know that there will be a huge spike of new COVID cases because of the data from other holidays collected. 

We all know the rules: stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask, practice good hygiene, and try not to touch your face. All first responders hope that Americans start to quarantine and practice social distancing until the vaccine circulates in society, so COVID deaths can finally be minimized.