Opinion: How TikTokers Preach Social Distance But Travel Anyways


Noah Beck and Chase Hudson meeting fans in the Bahamas, and Madi posting about traveling to the Bahamas. Photo Courtesy of: Tiktokroom on Instagram.

While the President in 2020 implemented a stay at home order due to the pandemic, many TikTokers have failed to comply. Charli D´Amelio (106.5 million on TikTok), Dixie Damelio (48.1 million), Noah Beck (24.0 million), Chase Hudson (29.5 million), Avani Gregg (30.8million)  Anthony Reeves (10.4 million), Bryant (4.3 million), and Madi Monroe (12.8 million) traveled to the Bahamas during a time when many have died or lost loved ones. They are all millionaires living in mansions in Los Angeles, but the fact they still feel the need to go to the Bahamas demonstrates character. Other influencers like James Charles (34.1 million) and Larray (27.7 million) were not in the Bahamas, but they were not practicing social distancing either.

In early March when the pandemic first began, TikToker, Charli D’amelio, who is one of the biggest influencers with over 106.5 million followers on TikTok, stated on a live stream, “Please stop being so inconsiderate to others, you are putting other people at risk.” She is getting a lot of backlash for saying this after she was spotted in the Atlantis Bahamas. This is also significant because many of her fans are younger children that look up to her. She isn’t being a good role model by not social distancing with over 2 million deaths worldwide.

TikToker Madi Monroe posted on TikTok on December 31, 2020, of her wearing a swimsuit in the Bahamas. She was receiving a lot of hate, so she limited her comments to stop the incoming stream of criticism. 

In a recent interview with Pap Galore, Noah Beck stated, ¨It is what it is, especially in the business. That was in. Yeah, it’s like you need some time to kind of disconnect for a little. You know, yeah, exactly that’s what that meant, for it was just a little trip to get away.”

 This interview found its way onto TikTok, and many people still weren’t happy. Whether or not it was jealousy as not everyone can afford a vacation in the Bahamas or legitimate concern for COVID, most people negatively perceived Beck. If they really need to wind down, why can they not just stay home or even go to the many beaches in LA? 

And it’s not just going on these extravagant vacations- Tik Tokers are also never practicing social distancing even at home, especially with media star and beauty guru James Charles. There are many videos he has done on YouTube such as ¨Doing My Best Friends Halloween Makeup” on James Charles YouTube ¨Best Friends Buying Each Other Costumes¨ on Larrays YouTube channel. A Tik Tok they did on 12-23-2020 with 34.6 million views consist of Charli, James and Larray are Christmas Costumes without social distancing.

Predictable, the comments on the video were not here for it.