Mandalorian Season Review


The dynamic duo of The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Photo courtesy of: NME

The Mandalorian was first aired on November 12, 2019. The show The Mandalorian is about a bounty hunter that is a Mandalorian that takes a job that requires him to retrieve something and take it back to the man that gave him the job in the first place. That “something” that was needed to retrieve turns out to be a baby Yoda, the Mandalorian takes him back for his pay but later on saves again and protects him for the rest of the series since the baby Yoda is continuously always being hunted by bounty hunters. The Mandalorian takes place five years after The Return of The Jedi in the Star Wars universe and the Star Wars Mandalorians are warriors with distinctive armor. The first season finale ended with the Mandalorian being tasked to reunite baby Yoda with other species like him. In season 2, episode 1, we are brought back with The Mandalorian and baby Yoda on their journey to reunite baby Yoda with his kind. But while doing the Mandalorian asks for help to reunite baby Yoda with his own kind, and while also doing that he hears around that there is another Mandalorian that he meets and tries to help to protect the new Mandalorian and the town he lives in and tries to defeat a monster.

Throughout season 2, the Mandalorian assembles a group that is willing to help rescue and reunite The Child. The child is a creature that no one quite knows where they come from or what they are and the Mandalorian takes him under his wing to protect. The group is made up of many characters that include Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, Bo-Katan, Koska Reeves, and Cara Dune. During the season finale “The Rescue,” the Mandalorian and his team confront Moff Gideon to release The Child now named Grogu from captivity. After they tried to convince Moff Gideon to release Grogu and he wasn’t quite convinced the Mandalorian and his group strolled into Moff Gideon’s Imperial Cruiser and they fought their way through a wave of stormtroopers and Dark troopers. After they defeat the first wave of stormtroopers and dark troopers, Moff Gideon tries to kill the Mandalorian behind his back but that didn’t work quite well. Once that big fight scene is over the Mandalorian and his crew hold Moff Gideon captive and rescue Grougu from and are surrounded again by robotic-like and indestructible Dark troopers. During their encounter with the Dark troopers, the Mandalorian crew is introduced to what seems like a rogue Jedi that shows up in an X-wing. The rogue Jedi proceeds to kill the Dark troopers with his green lightsaber, while that is happening Grogu seems to be perky as if he knows the rogue Jedi.

After the rogue Jedi is done with the Dark troopers the Mandalorian opens the door to reveal that it is Luke Skywalker that is the rogue Jedi. After the reveal of Luke Skywalker, it is also revealed that back in episode 6 season 2 Grogu sent a message to any living Jedi and Luke Skywalker heard the message made by Grogu and went to find him. That brings us back to the season finale where Luke Skywalker talks about how he wants to bring back Grogu to train him to the best of his abilities. After Luke Skywalker was done explaining why he was there Grogu was ready to go back with Luke but not without the approval of his guardian, the Mandalorian. Grogu looks at the Mandalorian in a devastating face and Luke tells the Mandalorian that he wants his permission to go with Luke. After that is said the Mandalorian tells Grogu “I’ll see you again, I promise” and takes his helmet off and in that scene, it is shown how much Grogu means to the Mandalorian. He means so much to him that he lets his guard down and looks at Grogu as his child and has a special connection with him.

The ending was somewhat bittersweet for a couple of reasons. A sweet ending because in the ending the Mandalorian is shown letting his guard down just to share a sweet moment with Grogu and that is rare for the Mandalorian to let his guard down especially since he’s a bounty hunter and always aware of his surroundings. I also say bitter because after 2 seasons of these two characters is over like that and the future of the series might not be as bright as it was before especially since the dynamic duo might be over for a bit.