Senior Spotlight: Sabira Mohammed


Sabira Mohammed attending an Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC) event featuring a petting zoo.

Sabira Mohammed is a bright, hardworking senior who has ambitious goals for success. She is a passionate artist and plays lacrosse for the Segerstrom team. Over the years, she has been involved in activities and groups such as Quiz Bowl and Key Club.

Question: How has the pandemic affected your lifestyle and what you do besides not being able to go to school physically?

Answer: The pandemic hasn’t affected my lifestyle that much because I’m used to staying at home. It’s given me some more time to do things I like, like drawing and reading, but it also feels like there’s more schoolwork this year.

Question: What plans do you have for when everything dies down?

Answer: After everything dies down, the first thing I want to do is meet up with friends. I also hope it dies down around the time next school year starts because I want to be able to experience college in person.

Question: What is the biggest lesson you have learned over these past four years?

Answer: The more involved you are at school or in your community, the easier it is to find opportunities and meet new people. 

Question: What advice do you have for freshmen or anyone who is struggling right now?

Answer: Make a schedule and follow it, get help from friends or teachers if you need it, and take breaks when you need to.

Sabira has accomplished many things here at Segerstrom, and we can’t wait to find out what her next goals will be.