Opinion: Video Games Needed During COVID?


A hand held controller used for gaming consoles. Photo courtesy of: U.S.A. Today

Imagine this, you’re back in mid 2020, and you have just begun lockdown. You haven’t been going outside as much as you want to ,and things are starting to get boring. But you remember that you have a gaming system. You haven’t used the system as much as you used to but, ever since Covid, gaming might be needed to get through these dire times.

If you’re reading this in early 202,  we’re probably still in quarantine waiting for a vaccine or for something to make this pandemic go away. We spent the last year almost entirely in quarantine and people needed a way to escape reality for a bit.This is where video games come in. My opinion is that playing video games is one of the best ways to pass the time during this pandemic. They can provide you enjoyment, interaction with other people online, and an escape from all this madness.

I think one of the biggest reasons to play video games during the pandemic is that online multiplayer video games can give you an outlet to interact with other people. Talking with other players through a microphone can offer you the benefit of having a conversation with someone else besides your family members.

Another reason for video games helping during COVID is for the simple fact that they allow for you to escape this harsh reality. When you immerse yourself in your game, you experience a sense of happiness, and you receive a break from the outside world. That immersion is also the pinnacle of your enjoyment of the game.

Now, some may say the video games are a waste of time and that you should spend your time being productive. Yes it is important to take care of your important business first but, spending your down time in a good video game during Covid can go a long way in helping you. Therefore, video games are needed during Covid.