Review: 4 Shows on Hulu to Watch


In the 3rd season of 9-1-1, the show depicted what may happen if a massive tsunami hit Southern California. (Photo courtesy: TVLine)

1. 9-1-1

The show first aired on January 3, 2018, on Fox, and each episode is roughly 40 minutes long. Set in Los Angeles, 9-1-1 is about the lives of first responders and how they balance their work lives with their personal lives. The series delves into the terrifying world of first responders who help save the lives of others. When I first watched the series, I instantly fell in love with the way that the series was put together. It made me emotional as all the scenarios felt as if they were actually happening and the show was real. The personal lives of the characters are always tied in and show real-world issues. It is an amazing show that I recommend to those who like action in a real-life setting.

2. 9-1-1: Lone Star

A spinoff of 9-1-1, 9-1-1: Lone Star is set in Austin, Texas. It follows the move of father and son, originally from Manhattan, and shows the rebuilding of a devastating fire station. The new firefighter captain brings his progressive approach to life into the station causing drama and tension for those not wanting change. The show is, of course, similar to 9-1-1 yet deal with different kinds of situations. We see an EMS captain devastated by her sister’s disappearance as well as the challenges a female Muslim firefighter has to face. In my opinion, I love how the creators of the show managed to keep the two shows different in their own respect and not make it seem as if they were going through the same storyline.

3. Prodigal Son

Malcolm Bright (Thomas Payne) was a former FBI profiler but now works for the New York Police Department. His father was an infamous serial killer named “The Surgeon.” Bright is ashamed of his father’s actions and always tries to separate himself from the incidents even changing his last name (was formerly Whitly). He hasn’t talked to his father in years but eventually has to in order to solve a case. From then on out, Bright is forced to speak to his father. This show reminds me of Criminal Minds because of how (almost) every episode has a

different case every episode and how dark the series is, literally and figuratively. Each scene is darkened to give off an eerie vibe. Bright reminds me of Spencer Reid (from Criminal Minds). They are both shockingly intelligent and give off the same type of confidence. Honestly, I would like to see them together and watch what would happen between them.

4. The Good Doctor

Based on the South Korean drama series, The Good Doctor revolves around an autistic surgeon, Shaun Murphy. Also diagnosed with savant syndrome, Murphy is able to have photographic recall as well as being able to notice the tiniest details and changes. We see Murphy overcome obstacles that may seem easy to others and it shows how he is constantly trying to improve his communication skills to further accomplish his dream to become a surgeon. The Good Doctor is an incredible series that is fun to watch and be sucked into the world of surgeons.