Opinion: The Vegan Teacher Controversy


Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, known as the Vegan Teacher on TikTok, looks into the camera. Photo Courtesy of: Amy Buxton

The Vegan Teacher has been one of the most infamous TikTok users currently in 2020-2021. She’s infamous for demanding people to become vegan and save animals. Due to this, people started disliking her and treating her like a clown. 

In addition to her TikTok or Youtube videos, she limited most of the video’s comment section to avoid hate. Most of her videos consisted of her songs or lectures about being vegan. Because of her negativity on social media, there is a possible chance that the Vegan Teacher will be arrested after breaking most of TikTok’s community guidelines and sent to jail.

That Vegan Teacher’s real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. She was a former elementary school teacher and loves to protect animals. She owns a dog named Bella, who is also a vegan. She also had a strong hatred towards McDonald’s due to the meals containing meat. This proved her hatred towards McDonald’s when she kept singing “Eating animals is wrong” in front of a McDonald’s in her TikTok video.

Most people hate her TikTok videos saying that it is “cringe” and  “dumb.”Many people started mocking her by either creating other videos and making reviews like eating a cheeseburger while reacting to her videos. Some even threw death threats on her. People also rumored that she was responsible for making Bella vegan. They even made petitions to free her Bella and give her the care she needs. Even the developers of TikTok also criticized her. 

Diekmeyer was also known for harassing and stalking other social media users especially, one of the most famous Minecraft Youtubers like Tommyinnit and GeorgeNotFound. She even harassed the famous chef

and TV star,  Gordon Ramsay even replied back to her by calling her a “Vegan Donut.” 

Diekmeyer broke most of TikTok’s community guidelines preventing discrimination, hate speech, and more- she should be banned from TikTok. However, she wasn’t removed due to her large following.

In spite of this, since she did do a lot of illegal activities in TikTok, people have speculated that she would be arrested and sent to jail.