Find Our Balance Update

 A photo from their presentation on what their program is about.
Photo courtesy of: Find Our Balance For Teens

A photo from their presentation on what their program is about. Photo courtesy of: Find Our Balance For Teens

The club, Find Our Balance, had their very first meeting on February 8th. This meeting was held on Zoom at 3:30 PM, and the link was sent to those interested. The meeting and the club is run by freshmen Lilian Duran and Isabella Novella.

At their first meeting, they discussed what their program was about. The program is a club where you can go to talk about how you are feeling and do activities to boost mental health. They also delved into discussing board positions as well as making announcements to ensure students are kept updated.

When discussing the board positions, they talked about the positions that were made available. The positions of a secretary (who would take notes and comments at their meetings), two publicists (who would help with social media), and one spirit coordinator (who would help plan events) are available.

A student a part of the program, Gabriela Ramos (9) says, “Some activities that Find Our Balance has done that I really enjoyed were Wellness Wednesdays in which we do art or trivia.” 

The club also plans on doing more activities that will further help students. Some plans are to host paint nights and poetry slams to encourage creativity. Other activities include yoga and meditation. Another idea that was mentioned was to have a theme for each month, and the activities that would be planned would involve that theme.

Duran says, “I hope for this club to help teenagers learn to express their feelings. I want them to know that they are not alone, and we’ll be here as a safe space.”

Overall, they want this program to help with others’ mental health. During these unprecedented times, many students and teens have struggled with their mental health even if many resources are becoming more available.

“I think this club will help with their mental health because they can find new ways to cope and express, and even meet new people,” says Duran. 

They will also be having webinars in which they plan on doing topics such as healthy mindsets,

stress management, self care, and more. The club plans on starting those activities in March where they will be held on Zoom.

The club was held on February 8th at 3:30 pm. Find out more about them on their Instagram @findourbalance.forteens.