Mr. Pfeifer’s Retirement


A picture of Mr. Pfeifer with his students. Photo courtesy of: Thomas Pfeifer

After Mr. Pfeifer’s many years of teaching at Segerstrom High School, he will be finally retiring after this school year. 

One of the classes that Segerstrom High School offers is the Environment/Marine Biology class. It is taught by Mr. Pfeifer, who is also one of the instructors that taught the Surf class. Although he is leaving behind his love for teaching, Mr. Pfeifer is looking positively at the future that holds a new chapter of his life.

“Carry on, never forget how important it is for people like yourselves,” says Thomas Pfeifer.

While being interviewed, these words revealed the kind of teacher Mr. Pfeifer was and what he will miss when he retires. Pfeifer loved teaching about the environment and teaching Surf class, the latter of which had to shut down due to the pandemic. Pfeifer has instructed the Surf class for 3 years with the majority of the class being girls. He remembers how some of the girls were afraid of the ocean but during the class, they beat that fear. What he now hopes for is if those students have children to teach them to love the ocean.

Next, after Mr. Pfeifer retires, he will still be active in his love for the environment. During the interview, he describes what his life after Segerstrom might look like. Some of his ideas are working with nonprofits, traveling more to places like S. Africa and the Amazon, participating in conservation and restoration in nature reserves like Bolsa Chica and Crystal Cove.

“Get students out in the real world” was something that Mr.Pfeifer always said. This quote sums up the advice Mr. Pfeifer has for new teachers coming in. He wants teachers to give students an “authentic learning” experience and to push them to become better students and learners.

Mr. Pfeifer will surely be missed as he left a substantial mark on Segerstrom and the people who met him.