Opinion: Not Just that Blonde Girl

Sabrina Carpenter is a talented actress, singer, songwriter, and much more. She should be recognized for her accomplishments rather than just that blonde girl. Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Sabrina Carpenter is a talented actress, singer, songwriter, and much more. She should be recognized for her accomplishments rather than just that blonde girl. Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Since the release of “drivers license” on January 8th, it seems like the entire Internet has been watching the three involved in the drama that has surrounded them. Fans have been following their every move, and things seemed to turn for the worse when Sabrina Carpenter released her song, “Skin,” on January 22nd. 

Many all over the Internet have been quick to judge and hate on Carpenter when they figured out that she was the “blonde girl” Olivia Rodrigo sang about. Carpenter was called a homewrecker because people speculated that she was the reason Joshua Bassett and Rodrigo had split. 

Carpenter has said, on many occasions, that “Skin” wasn’t a diss track and that it was not directed to Rodrigo, but many still refuse to take her word or it. She even decided to address the situation on an Instagram post, saying that she wasn’t bothered by the line about her on “drivers license.” Instead, she was at a tipping point in her life and needed to express her feelings. 

“I wrote it about all the storms that kind of pass us in life and the way that we choose to kind of get through those storms and not around them by embracing the fact that some things are going to get under our skin but we have to consistently remind ourselves to not let that happen and to focus on our happiness and our inner peace but yeah there’s a lot to take away from it,” says Carpenter on her Pandora Story.

Recently in a video interview with Radio.com, Rodrigo was asked if she would ever write a song in response to the “response song.” She answered by saying that she didn’t know Carpenter personally, so she wouldn’t be able to write a meaningful song. She added that she believes artists should be able to write whatever they want. 

This caused an uproar on Twitter, prompting many to call Carpenter talentless, a homewrecker, a “clout” chaser, and more. However, I think people should be reminded of the accomplishments that she has under her belt at 21-years-old. 

In 2014, she starred in a Disney Channel Original Show, Girl Meets World, alongside Rowan Blanchard until 2017. This is what put her name out to the world and allowed her to have more opportunities. She was involved in a lot of Disney projects. Carpenter even released her debut album, Eyes Wide Open, in 2015. 

She was also a voice actress for Sofia the First and Milo Murphy’s Law. In 2016, she starred in a DCOM Adventures in Babysitting alongside Sofia Carson as well as releasing a single with her to accompany the movie. Also, in 2016, Carpenter released her second album, EVOLution, and went on tour to promote the album. 

She also headlined another tour in 2017 called The De-tour in the second half of 2017 with New Hope Club and Alex Aiono as opening acts. She was the opening act for two nights in Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour while in Brazil.

Recently, she has become busier in both her acting and singing career. She was in The Hate U Give as Hailey and also released Singular: Act I in 2018. The second act came out in 2019 (Singular: Act II) with her other acting projects titled Tall Girl on Netflix and The Short History of the Long Road. Carpenter also went on her third tour in 2019 named Singular Tour. 

In 2020, two more of her projects came out. Work It, a Netflix original movie, premiered on August 7th, which she helped produce. Then, on October 16th, the biographical film Clouds was released. In both projects, she was on the movie soundtrack. Earlier in 2020, she made her Broadway debut as Cady Heron in Mean Girls, but she was only able to do one performance before it was stopped due to COVID-19. 

In October of 2020, it was announced that Carpenter would star and produce an Alice in Wonderland musical for Netflix. This also came with the news that she was launching her own production company called At Last Productions.  

With the release of “Skin,” it was announced that Carpenter had parted ways with Hollywood Records (she was there since 2014) and was now with Island Records. Sabrina Carpenter has done so much in her career and has proven over and over how talented she is. 

What I don’t understand is that the public is pitting both women against each other rather than uplifting them or just leaving them alone. This always seems to be a pattern, especially in the music industry. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are a notorious example as they were put against each other for getting into an argument. No matter what is said, hate is spread, and the Internet seems to forget that both are successful in their own right.