800 Pound Bulls Help The Environment in Trabuco Canyon


Herd of bulls restoring the grassy lands Photo courtesy of Geovany De Niz

In Trabuco Canyon, California, Rancher Ryan Fitzpatrick lets his 800 pound herd of bulls roam 23 acres of land. By moving the herd here, it can help regenerate soil and plants as the herd eats some of the more harmful plants that live in the Canyon. Interestingly enough, when the bull herd urinates, what is released benefits the land as well as it contains helpful  nutrients. 

Fitzpatrick hopes his cattle can be beneficial instead of destroying the land. This restoration will help other plants to grow as well as  minimize fires and floods. 

“By strategically transferring the animals it helps the land time revive itself,” says Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick also explains how the bull herd wears collars with GPS, so he can track them in the case if they cross over to lands that aren’t his. 

Fitzpatrick also plans to get farmers and the public involved in this restoration process after the pandemic is over.