How are Segerstrom Families Going Through this Pandemic


The worldwide pandemic, Covid-19. Photo Courtesy of: Pexels

The pandemic has put many families in tough situations. From being quarantined to having to wear a mask when outside to maintaining a six-feet distance from others, this time has changed us as a society. The world has become less social overall. And this is taking a toll on people’s mental health.

“My family and I have been doing okay with the pandemic. We don’t really go out only when necessary, and when we do we always wear our mask, have hand sanitizer on us, wash our hands constantly, and keep our distance. Something that has impacted us is having to deal with all the deaths of our loved ones because there’s people out there that still don’t believe the pandemic is real,” says Kiely Velasco (12).

Money was something that some families were already struggling with and when the pandemic hit, finances became even tighter. The pandemic was world-wide, so people from all over had no job for months due to stay at home orders. It was a really stressful time for everyone. 

“My family and I are doing good right now when it comes to dealing with the pandemic. However, at the beginning of this whole situation my mom wasn’t working for about three months and she luckily had savings so that helped. It still took a toll omm my family especially because at the same time the pandemic started we also had a personal problem,” says Carolina Morales (11).

Aside from all the negative the pandemic has brought to people, there was an increase in having family quality time, which is always a good thing. 

Christopher Ramos (9) states, “Me and my family have been doing okay in terms of quarantine. Not being able to go to school sucks. I have been able to go to practice and both my parents have been going to work which is something positive. Something that impacted us over quarantine is not being able to visit my grandparents in Arizona due to travel restrictions.”