Staying Motivated During the Softball Season


Alexa Fernandez on the right, posing with her teammate. Photo Courtesy of: Alexa Fernandez

Alexa Fernandez, a senior at Segerstrom, has always dreamt of having the perfect softball season, but this year it seems to be the complete opposite. Unfortunately with the emergence of COVID-19, she won’t be able to play the same way she used to because of the recently implemented restrictions.

Fernandez has been playing softball at Segerstrom High since freshman year. In the past month, she has been training every day to make herself the best player she can be on the field.

 “It is honestly going pretty good considering we just started practice, the team is doing really good and we are excited to start playing again,” says Fernandez. The team is ready for their season, and Fernandez will not allow the pandemic to prevent her from putting her all into the game. 

Although they are back on campus, they will still have a shortage of game days. Fernandez says, “I would change how many games we are playing because we are not getting our full season.”

In addition, players are required to wear masks and must stay six feet away from each other when they are not practicing. 

However, she is still planning to practice on her own because it is her goal to get into college using the sport. 

“I pretty much do school. Then, I get ready to go to practice which is from 2:30 to 4:00, and then I go home to finish up some homework,” Fernandez says.

For the most part, Fernandez is holding herself together even with all the changes of this year. She hopes that the next season will be a return to normal.