MLB Spring Training

The 2021 Spring Training is under way! Photo courtesy of:

On February 20th, MLB started it’s spring training season. This year MLB will allow people into the stadiums and will also follow the COVID-19 procedures. Last year, due to the pandemic, the MLB spring training season was at pause because the number of cases kept rising. 

All 30 MLB teams took the COVID-19 test and if they were negative, they got to play. And if they test positive, they can’t play and go home. No one has reportedly tested positive or gotten other players sick. MLB is strict with the virus because they want to return to normal in order for fans to enjoy their games in the comfort of the stadium. Everybody was very excited when they heard the news about letting fans into games this year because they spent a whole year without going to any games.

Even though the COVID-19 procedures still stand, fans are still very happy they get to see their favorite team play. Fans still have to wear masks, social distance, and follow all the procedures in order to safely enjoy the game. Every family is allowed 4 people and they get a section where their seats are.

The MLB stated, “Yes, fans are allowed to attend these games this year. Although, everyone has to wear a mask and be socially distanced.” 

As you see fans will be able to go see their team play but COVID-19 rules still stand.