Senior Spotlight: Christian Gobres


Here is Christian posing for The Jag Journal staff photo.

Christian Gobres is currently a senior and a news section editor for The Jag Journal. They have a love for sleeping and watching anything that seems interesting at the time. They also believe that it’s possible to do almost anything, as long as that person tries their best. I haven’t known Christian Gobres for that long, but I have learned that Christian is helpful and kind. I hope with these questions and answers, you get to know more about Christian Gobres and get to know who Christian really is.

1.  How do you believe you have contributed to Segerstrom High School or the Santa Ana community in general?

I haven’t done too much during my time here at Segerstrom, but I believe I contributed to Segerstrom through Journalism and helping out in the school library before the pandemic happened.

2.  What was your favorite memory at Segerstrom? 

A favorite memory of mine was back in freshman year when I was hanging out with my friends in the library. On Fridays, they set up some projectors in the back so you could play video games, and it was almost always a fun time since a bunch of people played regularly.

3.  What were you involved in? 

I wasn’t involved in much other than Journalism, but most of the time I stayed after school with my friends. During my Junior year, I joined the Student Leadership program for community service hours, and it was a good experience in my opinion.

4.  What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?

If I had to give advice to an incoming freshman, I would probably say to have fun with high school. Doesn’t matter if that means with your friends and other people or by yourself, everyone’s experience will be different, so make sure to make the most of it. Also, AP Chem is hard, and if you plan to take that in the future good luck.