Plane crashes into a car, causing a child’s death


Aftermath of tragic plane crash. Photo Courtesy of: ABC NEWS

On March 15, 2021, three people were found dead and one person was found injured near Southwest 72nd Avenue and 13th Street in Pembroke Pines, Florida after a plane crashed into an SUV. 

The driver of the SUV was Megan Bishop, who was driving with her four year old son, Taylor Bishop. Her son was found dead as well as the pilot and passenger on the plane. Megan Bishop was identified as the only survivor. She is a teacher in an elementary school in Hollywood.

Authorities say that “the plane crashed just a few minutes after takeoff.” Essentially, the plane was circling towards the plane runway but was taken out by a powerline. It then slammed into Bishop’s car. 

People around the neighborhood told reporters that it sounded like a bomb, so they went outside where both the plane and the car were on fire. Firefighters eventually arrived and tried to free Taylor Bishop, who was trapped in the car. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. 

On Monday, Anabel Fernandez, who lived near the crash, says, “The mom was able to get out the wreckage, but screamed for her baby.” 

Due to this tragedy, students and teachers at Hollywood Hills Elementary School held a moment of silence later in the week for the death of Taylor Bishop.