What to Know About 9th Grade Virtual Orientation Day


A photo of the front page on Segerstrom’s website featuring the flyer for 9th grade orientation. Photo courtesy of: Bushra Syed.

It’s fair to say that March is one of the busiest months of the school year, from St. Patrick’s Spirit Week to Club Rush. Another big event that will take place next week is the 9th-grade orientation. Incoming freshmen will be virtually introduced to the school campus, staff, school-related programs and activities, clubs, and much more to help them prepare for their first year of high school.

Online orientation will begin on Wednesday, March 31st. At 2:00 PM, students will be joining the meeting via Zoom. Another session will be held later at 6:00 PM for families of the students to attend as well. Students and parents will be emailed the links prior to both meetings. Segerstrom’s counseling team will provide a Google Drive folder for students containing all information regarding the event, which will also be discussed during orientation.

The registration process has been modified as families will not be attending an in-person orientation. In past years, registration packets have been distributed and completed by the given due date. However, this year, students will be completing “Data Confirmation” through their Aeries Parent Portal accounts. This procedure allows parents to update their student’s information such as medical conditions, contacts, and authorization. Data Confirmation has not started yet, but families will be informed once it has begun. In the meantime, they should ensure that they have set up Aeries accounts for their children. Parents must also create an account so that they can monitor their student’s academic progress. To set one up, parents should contact their child’s middle school to get them connected to the system.

Fortunately, many SAUSD teachers and staff have or will have access to COVID-19 vaccines, and although we may have some newly implemented regulations, it is likely that we will be returning to in-person class for the next school year. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us, and Segerstrom is thrilled to greet our future freshmen (and sophomores). Best of luck, class of 2025!