Segerstrom Graduation Plans


Segerstrom High School’s graduation scheule by homeroom class. Photo Courtesy of: Segerstrom High School.

Segerstrom High School will be hosting graduation on June 1 and 2. Rules have been set in place to ensure that all students and staff participating in the graduation ceremony can do so safely. 

The ceremony will be unlike any other ceremony seniors have had in the past. It will be a drive through starting on Alton Avenue. Seniors will be greeted by staff where they will have a chance to say  their last goodbyes. The staff will guide the students to the area at the school where students can pick up their diploma. The graduation will be split into two days- Gold Day and Crimson Day. Students will know what day to attend based on their homeroom. The ceremony will be held from 5-9pm both days. Walk- up graduates (people who will not be arriving by car but by walking to school) will also be able to get their diplomas at 4:30 on their designated day. 

One of the regulations is that only one graduate will be allowed per car unless they are family. Masks will also be required, and students must arrive at the time they are given. Students will also be directed to stay in their car until given permission to begin their walk to pick up their diploma and shake Principal Casper’s hand.