Segerstrom’s‌ ‌Girls‌ ‌Water‌ ‌Polo‌ ‌Team‌ ‌ ‌


Tracy Rivera posing for a picture in her Lady Jags uniform. Photo Courtesy of: Tracy Rivera

Senior, Tracy Rivera, has been playing water polo at Segerstrom for three years. Ever since COVID-19, the team has had to make a few adjustments to their practices and their games. Luckily, the team has the opportunity to be participating in four games. 

Rivera explains the changes in the games.  “Some rules that have changed as far as the game itself goes have to do with things such as free throws, the way the goalkeeper plays as well, leaving water, and even when warming up. It was different from the games I’ve played before. Our first game was Ocean View. I’d say the only difference was there was a very small crowd and warm ups were separated by times. We were not warming up at once with the team in the pool with us.”

Despite this,Tracy has handled the changes well. and she has made sure to keep a positive attitude. The girls try to push each other to become stronger as a team everyday. 

“It is a very high contact sport, so I think the way they handled it, as far as it being very COVID-19 friendly, was good,” Tracy comments. “My team handled the changes well. It was a challenge at first, of course, but it wasn’t a dramatic change.”

Tracy explained that she is very grateful to be having a season this year because she did not think they were even going to continue practices at all. She enjoyed being back and had the opportunity to be playing against other teams. She hopes that she could be able to end the season off successfully winning the final championship.