Kyle Jenner Receives Criticism for GoFundMe Page


Samuel Rauda’s GoFundMe for his medical bills

Kaylie Amaya, Pollster, Staff Writer

Kylie Jenner has been receiving a lot of criticism lately due to a GoFundMe page that she has started. She started the GoFundMe because her make up artist Samuel Rauda, who was in a horrible car accident and needs help to pay for the medical bills. 

Jenner has donated 5,000 dollars to this cause.The GoFundMe originally had a goal of 10,000 dollars; however, the GoFundMe amount has raised much more than that after Jenner’s promotion of the cause.

Many of Jenner’s supporters are not happy about this amount, knowing that Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire in the world. Many people are wondering why she can’t just pay for the medical bills herself.  

As of March 30th, the GoFundMe has raised $101,207, which indicates that there are many people still supporting the fund.  Many believe that Kylie should not have to pay for his whole medical bill; it is not her responsibility. It is up to the general public whether they want to donate or not, and nobody is being forced to do so. 

“I try to be helpful whenever I can,” Jenner says on a recent Twitter post.