Senior Spotlight: Crystal Gudino


Crystal pictured for The Jag Journal staff photo. Photo courtesy of: Crystal Gudino

Gardenia Ortega, Staff Writer

Crystal Gudino is a senior and a staff writer for The Jag Journal here at Segerstrom. Even though they’re a staff writer, Crystal primarily is a cartoonist for the paper. They have such a creative personality and are very kind, not to mention open-minded. Crystal is an asset to our Journalism team and I think we’d all agree that they are special in many ways and not just academically.

1.  How do you believe you have contributed to Segerstrom High School or the Santa Ana community in general?

Well, I think I’ve contributed to Segerstrom High School primarily on a creative basis, from providing entertainment through acting performances to drawing comics for our school’s newspaper.

2.  What was your favorite memory at Segerstrom? 

My favorite memory at Segerstrom would have to be pretty much anytime I would be hanging out in the drama room, and some of my friends and mutuals would just be doing something new or doing the same old, same old. Whether they were just taking a nap in there, or making music, or watching some show that’s been on their minds lately, it was a very comforting experience overall.

3.  What were you involved in?

During my time at Segerstrom, I was mainly involved in the play and musical productions that I always had a blast being a part of through thick and thin, and including this year I have just as well been included in Journalism to give stories and the like for others to read and enjoy.

4.  What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?

For any incoming freshmen, I would just like to say, do not choose classes based on what you think are “the hardest” and “make you look better”, because not everyone is cut out for every class, and that’s perfectly okay. Each person has their own highs and lows, some are better with math, but are horrible with history. Another might adore English but cannot wrap their head around non-fiction. You get nervous when you have to do P.E., but art class soothes you right after. You have a fascination with biology, but chemistry gives you a headache. The point is, while it is nice to give yourself a challenge sometimes, you still have the main control over your schedule.  Don’t ruin your four years because someone insisted you should take a super hard class that is not necessary, does not interest you, or you cannot understand for the life of you, just due to the fact that it is “recommended” and everyone else seems to be taking it. Instead, cater your classes to what works for you in particular (and maybe even inspire you for a major or career in the future), and finish up anything that simply does not vibe with you, as painlessly as possible.