Senior Spotlight: Milagros Quezada

Yadira Zenteno

Milagros Quezada is a senior and the Opinion section editor. She joined the journalism program this year and has been an amazing addition to the team. Quezada is always seen putting her best effort into her work and has taken 8 AP classes. She was also in a program by Kidworks, a non-profit organization, called College Apps Academy that helped her complete her college applications.  She is a dependable person and friend, always willing to help those around her. Quezada shares how she has spent her four years at Segerstrom High School and is ready to take the next step toward her goals. 

  • How do you believe you have contributed to Segerstrom High School or the Santa Ana community in general? 

This year I joined journalism and was given the opportunity to become an opinion section editor. I have been able to write stories for our school’s online newspaper, The Jag Journal. Through writing stories, I am able to provide information for the students and staff at Segerstrom High School. 

What was your favorite memory at Segerstrom?

My favorite memory at Segerstrom definitely has to be getting ready to go to football games with my friends and going to eat afterward.

  • What were you involved in?

I was not really involved in many clubs during high school. I played volleyball during my freshman year but didn’t continue afterward. I wish I would have signed up for more clubs and put myself out there. 

  • What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

The advice I would give incoming freshmen would be to enjoy their high school experience. The four years go by so fast and before you know it, you’re a senior about to graduate and have to decide what comes next. I also want to encourage incoming freshmen to join a sport or a club because it helps them connect with new people and with the school.