BLM And WLM Face Off at Huntington Beach


Police officer attempts to prevent violence. Photo courtesy of: Los Angeles Times.

Geovany De niz

On Sunday, April 11, 2021, Black Lives Matter protesters and White Lives Matter protesters created a huge commotion that resulted in 12 people being arrested for various charges from weapon charges to fighting in public. 

There were a total of 500 people protesting. The BLM protesters got to Huntington Beach Pier at 11:00 am, two hours before the WLM rally started at 1:00pm. The WLM protestors promoted the events through social media and were wearing masks to remain anonymous.

After 1:00 pm, things got heated between the two groups. One police officer, Brian Smith, says he heard chants like “Nazis go home!”

As the protesters interacted with one another, police officers on horseback, on foot, and on motorcycles, were trying to split up the BLM and WLM protesters because it was starting to get out of hand; one of the WLM protesters was surrounded and was getting pushed around by BLM protesters. 

Enough chaos erupted to the point where police officers had to use force and take protesters to the floor. 

One person was arrested for obstructing police as they had been carrying a metal baton along with two pepper spray cans and a knife in their backpack. Other people were arrested on less charges like for noise. One woman was arrested for having a knife in her car at a traffic stop, but it was unclear if she had one with her during the protest.